Skin Care Secrets Interview With A Therapeutic Skin Care

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I first heard of Hayley Wood, the Therapeutic Skin Coach, on the Detox Market website. And I thought “OH YES, I need to interview this beautiful gal about her skin care routine!” To my delight, Hayley was so amazingly generous to accept!

She’s answered a whole wack of questions about her favourite natural skin care products, skin care routine, favourite beauty DIY, what she does to get rid of a pimple, and even some of her most popular and valuable client advice.

Let’s check out what she has to say (and prepare to have your mind blown)!

Skin Care Secrets Interview With A Therapeutic Skin Care

The Interview: Skin Care Secrets From A Therapeutic Skin Coach

Q: What’s your skin care obsession of the moment?

A: I don’t know if I have a current obsession in terms of trends but I have been more apt to talk about sun care lately. As someone who isn’t from a warm climate, I find that as soon as the sun comes out and days start to get longer with the summer season, I need to continuously educate people on proper sun protection. I love the sun oil by Laurel Organics as part of my sun care kit because its all natural ingredients work to keep your skin healthy before and after exposure. It’s a brilliant product that I want all my clients to use.

Also gua sha is a beautiful new self-care treatment that I have been loving for my skin. It’s a jade (or other stone) tool that helps create micro-circulations in the skin, to help it self-heal from any inflammatory condition. I learned Sandra Lanshin’s at home routine and am looking to getting certified to implement in my offerings soon.

Q: What’s the one skin care product you always carry with you?

A: I always have a hydrating mist and balm with me. I rotate between the mists that I have, but I am currently hooked on the True Botanicals CALM hydrating mist. For a balm, I love The Beauty Chef’s Beauty Fix Balm and Lucas’ Papaw Ointment.

Q: Which skin care product can you not travel without?

A: I always have a hydrating mist, balm, single sourced oil like coconut as well as an exfoliant (I’m obsessed with the Tammy Fender Epi Peel). The mists are important for my skin to stay super balanced, regardless of the water conditions or environmental changes. The balm is for all over in case I get a cut or dry patch on my skin. The coco oil is great for everything including cleansing, makeup removal and body moisturizer. I even brush my teeth with it sometimes. And exfoliating helps me slough off any extra build up from traveling.

Q: What’s the most underrated skin care product out there?

A: Without a doubt the answer is toner. I think it stems from there being so many synthetic toners with harsh actives and alcohol, that people don’t gravitate towards them. But with so many natural hydrosols and mists out there now, I feel like they are the perfect addition to all skin care regimens. A great natural toner, free of harsh additives and alcohol, can set your skin up for success by balancing your pH after cleansing and throughout the day, keeping your skin hydrated and helping your other nourishing products, like serums, absorb into your skin.

Q: Tell us what you do as soon as you get a pimple.

A: I try to pinpoint what may have caused it and then I wrap up an ice cube and massage it on the area to reduce inflammation. If I figure out that my breakout was caused by a certain food, hormonal imbalance or stress, I make it a point to shift my habits so I don’t continue to break out. I also believe in keeping your lymphatic system supported, so I get a good sweat in and flush my body with hot and cold water therapy.

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Q: After a long night, rough weekend or little sleep, what do you rely on for rejuvenated skin?

A: I drink a lot of water, have a green and antioxidant rich smoothie and avoid any sugar and processed foods. Keeping my immunity up with foods and the right supplemental support makes a world of difference in my skin. Also just acceptance that my skin is communicating what it needs, so I learn to listen to it.

Q: What’s your go-to DIY skin care product?

A: I’m a huge fan of honey masking, so I keep Manuka honey and quality oats around. More frequently my trick is putting skin care products in the refrigerator so I can cool my skin.

Q: What’s your favourite beautifying snack / food / meal / drink?

A: An antioxidant rich smoothie with Sun Potions’ Tocos because it’s so rich in vitamin E and K for skin health. Bone broth daily to balance my gut and soothe any inflammation. And lastly, it’s just about adding greens to every meal for balance.

Q: What’s the most common problem or question you get from clients? And what’s your advice to them?

A: Inflammation due to gut imbalance, because almost all inflammatory conditions relate back to our digestion. And also negative self-talk because we will never heal if we don’t believe we deserve it. Start speaking positively about yourself – your skin and the rest will catch up. 

Q: What would you recommend to someone making the switch to natural beauty?

A: Take it one product at a time. You never want to shock your skin into a whole new regimen by completely starting over. Sample one product at a time by patch testing it on your jaw line first. Lastly, trust your instinct – if a product isn’t resonating with you for whatever reason, that’s okay. Try something else so you can really love your routine. 

Q: What advice would you give someone wanting to make the switch to natural beauty?

A: Open your mind that this will change your skin for the better. You may not feel familiar with the textures and aromas right away, but that’s because you are used to a different form of care. Healthy skin is also not the same as perfect skin. Some synthetic and harsh chemicals can create a façade that your skin is perfect, but it also completely strips away the signals your body might be communicating to you that something is imbalanced.

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Q: What skin care advice would you give to your younger self / do you wish your younger self knew?

A: You are beautiful. I thought I was the most hideous person alive and that I didn’t deserve good skin. I know that I was pained by my blemishes, but that experience taught me to treat myself with love and to never take good skin for granted.

Q: Share your weirdest beauty habit with us!

A: I often don’t moisturize with a moisturizer. I have oily to combination skin so I use an omega rich oil to help balance my skin out. I don’t recommend this for everyone but that would probably be the weirdest thing I do.

Q: How do you define beauty?

A: Inner beauty shines through. You will never see how beautiful you are until you learn to accept yourself. Kindness to yourself and others is essential to being beautiful.

Q: What personal mantra do you live this thing we call life by?

A: That it’s a collective effort – we often feel the weight of the universe on our shoulders but if we give back and trust the process that life is happening for us, it can become much easier to accept help and love from others. You’re not meant to do this all alone.

Skin Care Secrets Interview With A Therapeutic Skin Care

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Skin Care Secrets Interview With A Therapeutic Skin Care

Hayley’s Bio

As a therapeutic skin coach, Hayley takes a holistic approach, coaching and guiding people beyond their skin care treatments, to truly transform their skin. Having struggled with acne herself at the young age of 10, Hayley quickly educated herself on how to heal inflammatory conditions from the inside out. It’s no surprise then, that her focus and expertise is combating skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and hyper-pigmentation. In 2006 Hayley received her license in Esthiology and has spent years crafting her skills so you can walk away from her treatments gorgeously glowing the way you deserve to be. She and her husband James enjoy the simple things in life including cooking, hiking, yoga, reading and drinking wine. They currently reside in L.A. but love to travel and fall in love with all parts of the world. Read more about Hayley and her services at Therapeutic Skin Coach.

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Skin Care Secrets Interview With A Therapeutic Skin Care


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