Do you spend a small fortune on moisturizers every month?

Or do you avoid moisturizing altogether, for fear that it will make your acne worse? What if I told you that moisturizing can actually help clear your skin of acne? And that making your DIY moisturizer is possible?

I’ve been at both ends of the moisturizing spectrum! Back in the day, I thought I’d never moisturize in my life. My pores were producing so much oil, I could have donated some to the dry skinned folk in need. But when my skin eventually became really dry and my face basically started peeling off (and somehow I still had acne!), I started exploring the world of moisturizers.

Clearing up your acne doesn’t mean you should try your hardest to dry it all up. But it doesn’t mean slathering yourself in heavy, chemical-laden creams either. Achieving clear skin simply involves finding the best natural moisturizing ingredients to feed your skin.

And guess what! It’s so easy to make your own DIY acne fighting moisturizer at home! OH YES! All it takes are some natural and nourishing oils.

How To Make Your Own DIY Moisturizer

Just check out my blog post on Essentially Mel: Love, Art, and the Pursuit of Healthy Living. I’ll tell you exactly which oils to use for clear skin and how to make your own DIY acne fighting moisturizer.

To make it super easy for you, I’ve created some DIY moisturizer oil blends – they’re all ready to go, just download the recipes here!

Have fun experimenting and please share your own moisture blends and let us know what your favourites are!


Click Here To Read The Full Post At  Essentially Mel!


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