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Hey there, I’m Jodi, a Holistic Nutritionist working with people who want clear skin and to rid themselves of acne for good – lovely to meet you!

Having studied at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, I’ve learned the important role that food plays in restoring health and wellness in our body, and this is the focus of my clear skin protocols. The Holistic part means I consider not only your diet, but also your lifestyle, mindset and overall well being as it relates to acne. Everything is connected – acne and other skin conditions can be linked to almost anything in your life.

Clear Skin: do you feel like you've tried everything to get rid of your acne

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to get rid of your acne? Do all of those things fail to clear your skin or only work for a short time before you break out again?

Does the sight of your pimples make it hard to look in the mirror, make you want to avoid facing other people and diminish your precious self esteem?

Clear Skin: I struggled with breakouts for 20 years

I know how all of this feels. For 20 years I struggled with breakouts as well as low self esteem and the helpless feeling that nothing would ever clear up my face and body. Ever. I felt like I would never be free of acne covered skin. I couldn’t even bring myself to wear tank tops which would reveal the pimples on my shoulders.

But after working with a variety of specialists, from Naturopaths to Dieticians, and trying every diet, medication, remedy, lotion and potion out there, I’ve finally discovered the path to clear skin – for good! Even my scars are gone! My self esteem and general well being have never been better. I LOVE to look in the mirror now! And I wear as many tank tops as I want.

I believe that wellness starts from within and that there is an undeniable connection between the food we eat and the appearance of our skin. Diet is at the root of and the answer to all of our skin woes. After all, our cells are built from the many molecules contained in the foods that we choose to eat.

Clear Skin: there is an undeniable connection between the food we eat and the appearance of our skin

I don’t want it to take you 20 years to figure out the source of your acne. The changes I made are possible for you to make too. And I’m here to help you make those changes. You can have clear skin. You can feel good about yourself. You can love looking at your skin in the mirror.

On my blog you’ll find all the tips and tricks you need to know for achieving clear skin. I write about which foods you need to eat for clear skin and why, DIY natural beauty products to make at home, easy peasy recipes and general clear skin insider info.

If you want to get beautiful acne-free skin using natural solutions that are easy to sustain throughout your life (not just another temporary band aid) then this is the site for you.

My recommendations are sustainable, meaning that as long as you practice them, you’ll be acne free. They’re also clean and natural – no pore clogging and skin damaging toxic gunk allowed! Acne takes a long time to develop so it follows that it will take some time for it to improve and disappear – it’s not an overnight process and there is no quick fix. Be patient, stick with it and you will be rewarded!

And I’m still in this with you – yes I’ve clear up my skin, but it must be maintained and I still get the occasional spot (albeit much smaller and quicker to disappear.) I’m constantly experimenting and trying new things so I can share them with wonderful you!

Clear Skin: so are you ready to clear your skin of acne for good

So are you ready to clear your skin of acne for good? Sign up for my clear skin blog updates and newsletter! You’ll get the “Top 10 Foods For Clear Skin” handout as a free gift to help get you started on the path to clear skin right away.

And let’s work together so you can clear up that acne stat and love how your skin looks again! For details about how to work with me, check out my Clear Skin Menu & Services and then let’s connect. There’s also got some goodies you might like in my Health Shop!

I can’t wait to talk clear skin solutions with you!

Jodi Graham Clear Skin Holistic Nutritionist

Jodi Graham RHN


“Seeking Jodi’s nutrition services was the first promising step that I took towards a healthy and holistic lifestyle. She was incredibly knowledgeable and Jodi was able to completely change the way that I look at food and nutrition. Jodi created meal plans that were suitable for my day to day and coordinated with my lifestyle. She really made me realize that eating well can be wholesome, delicious, and life changing. I would definitely recommend!”

Mehrshid Jame

“Jodi is a patient, caring individual who can truly help you reach your health and wellness goals! I highly recommend her!” 

Jaclyn Clarkson

“As a client of Jodi’s, I was so happy with the nutritional advice I received. She was very thorough, really took the time to get to know my overall state of well-being and provided practical recommendations that were easy for me to work into my busy schedule. The two week meal plan that she prepared for me included even more than I had expected, including super easy recipes, tailored to fit my preferences and lifestyle. I advise everyone to take advantage of Jodi’s products and services!”

Nikki Dambrosi

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