Jodi Graham | Holistic Nutritionist | Clear Skin Solutions
Jodi Graham | Holistic Nutritionist | Clear Skin Solutions

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How to use beets for clear skin and fight acne

Beautiful Beets For Beautiful Skin: Just Beet It Guest Post

I don’t believe anyone who tells me they don’t love beets. Beets are one of the most powerful skin beautifying foods we’ve got out there, so how can you resist?

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How To Cover Up Acne With Makeup Without Clogging Pores

When Is The Last Time You Left The House Without Makeup?

3 Better Ways To Cover Acne & Feel Confident! It wasn’t that long ago that I would never even think of leaving my house without going through my makeup ritual first.

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Clear Skin Tips From Brazil

Do Skin Like The Brazilians Do

4 Things We Can Learn About Clear Skin From This Beautiful Country!

Well we’re more than half way through the Rio Summer Olympics and I’ll admit, I’m not a sports fan and have not been following it one bit. But I do love Rio and have been thinking, Hey! Those beautiful Brazilians can seriously teach us a lot about clear acne-free skin.

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How To Recover From A Post-Binge Acne Breakout

Post Binge Acne Breakouts: How To Deal

So you’ve been on the right track, eating a clear skin diet and taking extra special care with your skin care routine. But then something happened……

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3 Best Restaurants for Summerlicious 2016

Summerlicious: 3 Best Meals for Healthy Happy Skin

It’s that time of year again: Summerlicious!

Time to treat ourselves to some drool worthy food for drool worthy prices at Summerlicious. The great annual feast of restaurant sampling is already under way, and we’ve got until July 24th to savour it!

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Easy DIY Beauty Products eBook

Food For Your Face eBook: DIY Beauty Product Recipes

Hey Everyone! Today I’m finally able to share the completed 2nd edition of my eBook Food For Your Face: DIY Beauty Product Recipes!

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Clear Skin Online Consultation

Do you struggle with acne, but are too busy to meet for a consultation in person? No problem! Save some time and money with your very own Clear Skin Online Consultation. Get the whole package delivered right to your inbox in PDF format!

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Food For Your Face eBook

Fourteen easy recipes to make your own natural face wash, moisturizer, mask, exfoliant, toner and more. All of the recipes use food and ingredients that you probably have hanging around in your kitchen right now, each with their own acne fighting, clear skin benefits.

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Clear Skin Meal Plan

Make life easier with a yummy two week meal plan, personalized to your own tastes and food preferences. With a specific focus on clear skin, this meal plan includes easy recipes for all meals and snacks, a shopping list and specific brand recommendations.

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